rogerio_figurelliRogerio Figurelli is a Brazilian roboticist, artificial intelligence specialist, strategist and creator of several innovative technologies and products for different industries. After spending nearly two decades working in systems development and as a professor, started its own consulting services company, dedicated to addressing information technology solutions to complex and real problems.

Rogerio also works on coaching and mentoring services for students from several countries, and write books about robots, machines and new ideas and solutions for several industries and financial markets, in a way to contribute to disseminate his ideas and help improve collective intelligence about state of the art systems.

Rogerio holds a BA in Electrical Engineering and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the UFRGS, and an MBA from the FA.RS, all from Brazil.

Rogerio defines Artificial Intelligence as “Thinking systems” and Robots as “Autonomous systems”, simple as that. However, he also warns that rather than creating intelligent and autonomous systems, we must create wise systems, by proposing an equation to measure the wisdom of humans and machines: “W = I ^ C”, i.e., wisdom W as intelligence I powered or raised to consciousness C. In this sense, he works strongly in research and consulting services of systems with natural and artificial hybrid and collective intelligence, consciousness, and wisdom, that allow the creation of truly wise systems, having written several books that deal with this subject and possibility.

Rogerio is the inventor of the RMH or Remote Mind Hypothesis, a new cognitive science model for our mind, based on local (discovered) and remote (not discovered) mind, and of THINK>B, a new Cognitive Architecture based on a collective intelligence and multiple propagations and dimensions mind model, e.g. with the most varied applications in the market and real world, and of AI.Why, a new architecture for creating AI models with interpretability from scratch.

Rogerio is also the inventor of artificial neural networks with multiple propagations (MP-ANN and MP-DNN) and Multi-Propagation Hierarchical Turing Machine (MP-HTM), a new architecture to model reasoning. The Multiple Propagations Artificial Neural Network is a new ANN and DNN model and vision where each interface cell performs the two functions, input, and output, or I/O, and the hidden layers can propagate or traffic the information in multiple ways, in the forward, reverse or cycle direction. Within this new models (MP-ANN, MP-DNN and MP-HTM), we can think that our brain can interface with the physical environment, and the mind with another logical environment, which can be virtual, artificial or any other immaterial type that you prefer, with continuous adjustment based on multiple propagations, that will lead to new mental states and decisions, that brain will execute. An advantage of this approach is the training of networks with different propagations and input/output levels of abstraction, such as between mind and brain, or even in cycles, rather than a single propagation direction.

Rogerio is the creator of the “Online Innovation” methodology, a new methodology for innovation, acting in teams of management of the innovation for the most diverse business segments and organizations, and of several other innovative methodologies, like “The Vision School”, a new investment school based on “vision following” instead of “trend following”.

Many people think that the most complex robot Rogerio ever created was for artificial intelligence in the capital market, which really was an adventure to do 15 years ago, due to the limitations of computers, networks and the qualified market data of the time. Or an innovative, award-winning news search and ranking robot he created in 1998, with functionality identical to News, released by Google only in 2003. However, Rogerio considers the most complex and challenging project to create the system of Automation Supervision of Sala São Paulo, headquarters of OSESP (Symphonic Orchestra of the State of São Paulo), in the beautiful and old Julio Prestes Train Station. A pioneering 3D system, winning the competition with international companies, controlling dozens of acoustic panels in the ceiling, of more than three tons, orchestrated literally by the most brilliant conductors of the world, in search of perfect acoustics. “This is certainly one of the most fantastic applications for algorithms and robots, and I had the privilege of helping make it happen”, he stated in an interview.


* Futurist, Visionary, Roboticist, Researcher, Professor, Speaker, Writer, Entrepreneur, and Consultant.
* Master of Computer Science from UFRGS (1989), Master of Business Administration from FARS (2007), Electronic Engineering, B.Sc. from UFRGS (1986).
* Founder, CEO, Senior Technology Advisor at Trajecta, a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence consulting services company, emphasizing innovation in practice and research for intelligent business process automation.
* Several consulting services and IT innovative projects for international companies (Shell, Petrobras, Usiminas, Fiat, Unibanco, Santander, Microsoft, Acxiom, Roche, Siemens, HP, Aracruz, Xerox, Altus, Facebook, etc).

Main fields of research and development:

* Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, disruptive products and/or killer applications.
* Fintechs, quantitative finance, High-Frequency Trading (HTF) and algorithmic trading platforms.
* Cognitive Robotics Process Automation (Cognitive/Smart RPA) and new technologies for business process automation.
* Cognitive Architectures, Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), consciousness (awareness) and self-consciousness (self-awareness) machines/robots, and strong AI.
* Blockchain and Decentralized Artificial Intelligence systems/platforms.
* Advanced Analytics and automatic/autonomous Business/Artificial Intelligence.
* IoT/IoE, Cyber-Physical System (CPS) and robots that can be physically controlled by computers/software/AI.
* Visionary systems, predictive analysis, risk management, and forecasting.
* Quantum computers, systems, and machine learning algorithms.
* Autonomous and automatic Startups with robots executing all processes.
* Robots for Marketing, linking artificial and real market intelligence.

Main skills:

* Strong problem formulation and problem-solving skills with particular emphasis on business intelligence and quantitative systems.
* Solution architect for complex systems using TOGAF, SOA, BPM, Bigdata, Datamining and Textmining analysis in real-time.
* Innovative solutions architect with 30+ years experience.
* More than 20 years working experience in Artificial Intelligence related fields, familiar with Java, C++, R, Python, Lisp, Prolog, etc, programming languages.
* Excellent understanding of current enterprise software technologies and development practices/tools, including virtual environments, source control, remote development, issue tracking, build and test automation, and networking management.

Online Courses published:

Books published:

More than 80 books (in Portuguese) – some examples bellow – full list and Amazon Kindle downloads at
* Intelligence Technology: The new IT for the Age of Robots
* Big Brain: Linking Big Data and the Internet of Things to create smarter robots
* Robots designing markets: The new reality of automatic businesses
* Strong Artificial Intelligence: How to make robots think
* Automatic Startups: Robots executing all processes
* Yoga for Robots: New models of machine learning based on Artificial Wisdom
* Life after the algorithms – artificial intelligence and consciousness without human algorithms
* Live Platforms – The evolution of intelligence on platforms as a service (PaaS)